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PF series is the new product for furniture surface protection

◆ The high transparency of the furniture film can fully reflect the texture and color of the furniture table top and protect the furniture finish as new as ever.
◆ The high temperature resistance and high scratch resistance of the furniture film allows you to use the furniture without worrying about scratches and hot paint on the tabletop.
◆ Good decontamination property, non-sticky oil, smooth surface, no movement, easy to clean.
◆ Best protector of furniture, under the premise of not affecting the furniture color and the performance of the furniture.

How to do maintenance?
The design life of the furniture film is 15-20 years, and the actual service life is about 7 years. During use, the surface should be scrubbed in and out as far as possible. Do not drag sharp utensils, knives, toys, and other objects on the film surface. The furniture membranes are resistant to acid and alkali and can be easily scrubbed and cleaned with a cotton cloth.

Advantages of furniture film:
1. Effectively increase the gloss of 30%;
2. Effectively reduce the economic expenditure for future maintenance;
3. Effectively enjoy a low-carbon, energy-saving and environmentally friendly life;
4.Effectively avoids the oxidation of cracks in paints that have long been lost in furniture;
5. Effectively prevent the corrosion of mosquitoes' salt and alkali acidic substances;
6. Effectively protect your home from injury.

Advantages of furniture protection film compared to traditional furniture crystal plate
1, the crystal plate is easy to block the original color and texture of the furniture; furniture film is highly transparent, can fully show the furniture color and texture.
2, crystal plate material is pvc, not high temperature, when the temperature reaches 80 degrees, easy to leave traces of use; furniture film using pet material, can withstand 220 degrees high temperature.
3, crystal plate use 2-3 years will turn to yellow; furniture film does not change color, shape and stability.
4, crystal plate placed directly on the furniture surface, easy to slide; furniture film containing adhesive layer, firmly does not move.

Thickness: 2mil, 4mil
Color: transparent
Raw material: PET
Roll size: 1.52*30m/roll
Smooth furniture surface



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Furniture Protection Film manufacturers