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DZK-10P Pour Type Vacuum FilterDZK-10S Suck Type Vacuum Filter

Buchner funnel and PTFE seal

Instrument Introduction
Vacuum filter is a derived product which improves and develops from the single-layer glass reactors according to the actual needs of various biological development companies. Mainly used for the separation of solid and liquid mixture. We can produce 3 Model vacuum filters: Stainless Steel Funnel Type, Glass Funnel Type and Demountable Glass Funnel Type.
Instrument Features
■ Receiving flask is manufactured with high borosilicate glass 3.3 material, which has excellent physical and chemical performance
■ High borosilicate glass 3.3 Buchner funnel (with filtering membrane), has excellent chemical properties
PTFE seal components, which is corrosion resistance and has a very high cost performance
■ Bottom discharge valve is PTFE no-dead angle bottom valve matched with glass flange neck, No reactant accumulation
■ Suck Type Vacuum Filter was equipped with a large diameter glass sand core funnel; quick filtration can be conducted under negative pressure
► Pour type vacuum filter and suck type vacuum filter are for customer option.
※ The pour type vacuum filter is an open system, applicable to the filtration of solutions containing solid particles;
The suck type vacuum filter is a fully enclosed system, applicable to the filtration of poisonous, harmful, volatile or dangerous solutions
Technical Parameters
Filter funnel volume (L)23510102351010
Filter formPour typeSuck type
Receiving flask volume
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