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Game Types

Discussion in 'Q/A' started by Bearded Razorback, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Bearded Razorback

    Bearded Razorback Owner Owner

    Jan 4, 2017
    We have different game types available to play on the server. This is a very high-level overview.

    1. Single Player
    2. Multi-Player
    3. Hub Games
    4. PVP

    - SPG - see this section

    - Multi-Player - this is more of a competitive non-pvp enviroment.
    - Hub Games - this is games that will be available to play on the hub, these can unclude, SP, MP, PVP, or Competitive.
    - PVP - this can be individual Free for all and/or team based.

    There are 2 major hubs
    - Main Hub
    - Arcade Hub

    - The reason for the different hubs are based around the different game types.
    - Arcade games are games that do not require long extensive game play. This means you could log on and play for 5-10 minutes and play a quick skirmish. There is a mixture of all types of games in Arcade Hub - PVP, MP, & SP. To access the Arcade Hub and all the games you must travel to the Arcade Hub using your hotbar, portal on the Arcade Hub, or an NPC on the Arcade Hub.

    - Main Hub is where you access all the non-arcade games. You can use your Hotbar or an NPC to access the non-arcade games from the main hub. Right now only PVP type games with some survival, MMO, RPG, MOBA, and unique games are available from the main hub.