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WobblyOrphan | Beta Application

Discussion in 'Beta Testing' started by WobblyOrphan, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. WobblyOrphan

    WobblyOrphan New Member

    Jun 16, 2017
    Time Zone: GMT

    Age: 14 (I am aware I for some reason put 2002, not 2003, on my profile. My apologies)

    Availability (weekends and weekdays): Everyday, I'm free most of the time unless I am at school.

    IGN: WobblyOrphan

    As much as my age may be an issue, I am extremely formal and not immature. I have been waiting for Cornith to be up, and when I just checked the website and that there are apparently beta applications, I wanted to try and get a post up so I can be involved. I found the server through your modeller, we used to talk lots.
  2. judgeofheaven

    judgeofheaven Helper Helper

    Oct 3, 2017
    Dear Wobbly, come into the discord and find the text-chat that says "closed-beta" put your In-game name in and then you will be whitelisted shortly.