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Working on a re-launch

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Bearded Razorback, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Bearded Razorback

    Bearded Razorback Owner Owner

    Jan 4, 2017
    Based on the issues we came across from original launch. We have decided to convert entire server from Spigot to Sponge. The reason for this is because Sponge will allow us to move into the future of where I want the server to be now and later. There are big plans for Corinth beyond just a mini-game server. However, we need to find ways to start getting players and the community involved. I have hired 2 staff managers @Java8 and @Personallity. Java8 will be handling the AU/NZ staff and Personallity will be handling everything else. We are looking for staff and will have everything up and going hopefully in the next day or so.

    @FerusGrim is the head developer and although we are not necessarily looking for any developers at this time, if you are talented and up for a challenge, we can always look at your skill set and see where you can can have opportunity to work the backend or front-end depending on your preferred expertise.

    I will be announcing the new launch date as soon as I can confirm when that will be. I can tell you it will not be before mid April. We will be doing an extensive amount of testing and as soon as that becomes available I will be announcing that as well.


    Corinth Management
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  2. Bmonsters01

    Bmonsters01 New Member

    Jan 8, 2018
    Nice! Looking forward to it.
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  3. oLepe

    oLepe New Member Helper

    Jan 7, 2018
    Can't wait for the launch!
  4. cvsw

    cvsw New Member

    Jan 13, 2018